In an exclusive statements made to Egypt Oil & Gas (EOG) EGPC Vice Executive Chairman for Operations, Amr Mustafa confirmed that the fuel crisis had come to an end in all provinces. This was after 22,000 tons of gasoline were pumped a day, along with 42,000 tons of diesel to all fuel stations to meet the needs of the citizens and avoid the crisis escalating. 12,000 tons of LPG per day were also provided to all fuel emporiums, he added.

He explained that there are two shipments loaded with 70,000 tons in the ports of Suez and Alexandria that will be discharged in the coming days and supplied to local markets. He also insisted that we have a stock of diesel fuel for the end of September with quantities reaching to 210,000 tons of diesel tons. This is sufficient for long periods until we are able to stock up for a new strategic reserve in the coming period.

He added that EGPC has paid all its dues to fuel suppliers over the previous period, pointing out that there are no impounded shipments at Egypt’s ports thanks to this obligation to pay dues, on a monthly basis, to avoid fuel crises of in local markets. More than $1 billion have been paid back to suppliers to allow shipments to enter Egyptian ports.