Halliburton Teams Up With Dara, West Bakr Petroleum For Hands and Fingers Campaign

Halliburton Teams Up With Dara, West Bakr Petroleum For Hands and Fingers Campaign

The safety team of Halliburton, in coordination with the safety team of Dara and West Bakr, visited the fields of the two companies in Ras Ghareb, in order to raise safety awareness to protect workers and prevent injuries related to hands and fingers.

The initiative is under the auspice of Eng. Ihab Ragaei – Chairman and Managing Director of Dara and West Bakr, and Mr . Colby Fuser – Vice President Halliburton Egypt & Libya and comes within the framework of the directives of Eng. Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, and the instructions of Eng. Gamal Fathy, Advisor to the CEO of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation, to focus on the “line of Fire risks” as one of nine Life rules to save Lives and its applications during the year 2021.

Engineer Hatem Bashandi, Manager – Occupational Safety, Health and Quality in the Egypt and Libya region – Halliburton, has shared Halliburton’s experience campaign results in protecting hands and fingers, which began in 2020, and shared the ideas that Halliburton’s team has implemented, and the extent of successes achieved and its reflection on the decrease of accidents related to hands and fingers. Shaaban Bakri, the Red Sea and South Sinai base manager – Halliburton, also reviewed the extent of the great change that was reflected in the behavior and culture of the teams working in Halliburton as one of the direct results of the activities of the campaign to protect hands and fingers.

The day began with a safety Stand-Down with all employees on the EDC 64 drilling rigs working in the Dara fields. The safety stand-down addressed safe ways and means of protecting hands and fingers during drilling operations and the supplementary operations associated with the drilling of oil wells. It was noted the importance of stop-work authority by all personnel , especially work that exposes hands and fingers to injury, unless it has adequate insurance and applying best practices. The attendees discussed with Bashandi the correct ways to protect hands while performing daily activities through risk management activities and working in the proactive mode.

Then the team moved to the administrative office in the fields of Dara and West Bakr, and a workshop was held with officials of the technical departments in the fields to transfer experience by presenting the tools and techniques that were developed by Halliburton during the campaign to protect and prevent injuries to the hands and fingers, where the attendees also discussed the techniques that can be used to change the culture of workers and means of protection and insurance works that are done using hands and fingers. All precautionary measures have been taken to protect against the Coronavirus during the event.

The Manager of Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Protection in West Bakr explained that the senior management in West Bakr and Dara places the safety and protection of workers from risks at the top of their priorities. This day comes within the framework of fruitful cooperation between the petroleum sector companies and the exchange of experiences in order to protect workers and prevent personnel work injuries.


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