About EOG Monthly Monitor

The Research and Analysis (R&A) Division in Egypt Oil & Gas is always aiming to provide the oil and gas stakeholders with the most significant figures in the promising sector. Hence, the R&A team is now publishing “Egypt Oil & Gas Monthly Monitor”, as a platform that mainly displays monthly oil and gas updates and analysis. The monitor comprises nine sections, each of which represents a different theme. These sections track the performance of the petroleum sector, locally as well as internationally. Moreover, the monitor undertakes a great blend between economics, politics, investments, and security to clearly reflect Egypt’s current status. Furthermore, the monitor provides an insight to the latest updates on COVID-19 in Egypt and globally.


Monthly Monitor Sections

1. Monthly Oil & Gas News Summary
2. Monthly Production, Rigs & Drilling Updates
3.Monthly International Overview
4.Transfers & Reassignments within the Petroleum Sector
5.Monthly Investors Insight
6.Monthly Political & Security Review
7.Covid-19 Statistical Updates & Government Precautionary Measures
8.Monthly Economic Summary
9. Statistics & Facts
10. Opinions & Expectations




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