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About EOG Monthly Monitor

The Research and Analysis (R&A) Division in Egypt Oil & Gas is always aiming to provide the oil and gas stakeholders with the most significant figures in the promising sector. Hence, the R&A team is now publishing “Egypt Oil & Gas Monthly Monitor”, as a platform that mainly displays monthly oil and gas updates and analysis. The monitor comprises nine sections, each of which represents a different theme. These sections track the performance of the petroleum sector, locally as well as internationally. Moreover, the monitor undertakes a great blend between economics, politics, investments, and security to clearly reflect Egypt’s current status. Furthermore, the monitor provides an insight to the latest updates on COVID-19 in Egypt and globally.


Monthly Monitor Sections

  1. Oil and Gas News Summary
  2. Production, Rigs, and Drilling Updates
  3. Transfers and Reassignments
  4. Egypt’s Economic Summary
  5. Investors Insight
  6. Political and Foreign Affairs Review
  7. Statistics and Facts
  8. Opinions and Expectations
  9. Global Energy Dynamics
  10. Energy Security
  11. Global Economic Briefing


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