Natural Gas Vehicles Company (Car Gas) has begun trial operation of a natural gas supply station and commenced two centers for car-conversion and cylinder testing in Port Said, according to a statement.

Per the announcement, this brings the total number of natural gas supply station in Port Said to seven stations and brings the total number of car conversion centers to two. The company has also increased the capacity of its 10th of Ramadan’s station to 1,400 m3/h in addition to establishing another supply station in the area, bringing the total number of supply stations to eight.

This step comes in line with the state’s effort to expand natural gas supply stations across the country. Additionally, the state aims to capitalize on natural gas, ease the burden on citizens, and preserve the environment. 

It should be noted that Car Gas has recently begun a trial operation to the first natural gas supply station in collaboration with the National Service Products Organization’s (NSPO) Watanya in Hurghada,