Yemeni oil pipelines connecting storage tanks at the southern port of Aden and the city’s 150,000b/d refinery were hit by an explosion caused by a roadside bomb on January 15th, reported Trade Arabia. The blast caused no damage to the refinery itself, nor to the pipelines, despite a huge fire as it was put out in two hours. The targeted pipeline was around 500 meters from the refinery and 3 km from the oil terminal.

There were no casualties reported in a following firefight that broke out between refinery guards and unidentified gunmen, who fled the scene, according to witnesses, Business Standard wrote. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack until now, informed ABC News.

According to refinery’s administration, the oil processing facility was originally working below full capacity due to a shortage of crude oil, but continued supplying the domestic market with petroleum products that the country desperately needs.

The Yemeni oil facilities were targeted for the last time in July 2015, before southern fighters backed by Saudi-led forces pushed back the Houthi Shiite militias out of Aden. Both ISIS and Al-Qaeda are active in the country, controlling huge swathes of land, along with the Houthis.