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Explosion Damages Oil Pipeline in Iran

An explosion in Iran damaged the 20 ich pipeline delivering crude oil from Cheshmeh Khosh to Ahvaz, Southern Iran.

Gas Pipeline Explodes in Iran

Iranian authorities have considered the poor safety measures and the aging infrastructure to be the main reasons behind the explosion.

Libyan Refinery Hit by Explosion

Libya’s Marsa El-Brega refinery was hit by an explosion and fire during the early hours of March 10th after a gas leak at its methanol plant.

Nigeria’s NLNG to Resume Industrial Gas Supply

The Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Ltd. said it is rectifying the pipelines which exploded in February in Rivers, to ensure resumption of industrial gas supply within mid-March.

Ghana’s Tema Refinery Shut Down after Explosion

Ghana's Tema Oil Refinery has shut down after an explosion at a newly installed $6.21m crude oil heating unit.

Fuel Tanker Exploded in South Africa

South Africa’s Tshwane emergency services said that a fully-loaded tanker, with 55,000 liters of petrol, exploded and emitted a huge fireball into the air at the Watlou depot in Silverton.

Nigeria’s Oil Firm Shuts Off Gas Pipeline After Attack

Nigerian state oil firm NNPC managed to close a valve of a pipeline in the Niger Delta to contain a gas leak caused by an explosion.

BP to Pay $20b in Environmental Damage Over 2010 Oil Spill

In the largest environmental settlement in the US history, oil and gas giant BP will pay over $20b to the American government over damages caused by an rig explosion and oil spill on April 20, 2010 in the Gulf of Mex ...

Yemen Refinery Pipelines Hit by Roadside Bomb

Yemeni oil pipelines connecting storage tanks at the southern port of Aden and the city's 150,000b/d refinery were hit by an explosion caused by a roadside bomb on January 15th, causing no damage to the refinery itse ...

Gas Explosion in Nigeria Leads to Increased Safety Regulations

In response to the Nweni gas explosion on December 25th, which killed a number of people, the Nigerian government is instituting new safety regulations.

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