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Iraq to Boost Basrah Crude Oil Export

Iraq will export 3.257mb/d of Basrah crude oil in September, up 13% from August, with both Basrah Light and Basrah Heavy seeing a rise in volumes.

ISIS Attacks Northern Iraqi Energy Plants

Islamic State militants launched an assault on two energy facilities in Northern Iraq bringing a major oil pumping station to halt.

OPEC Oil Output to Reach Record High in July

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries' (OPEC) oil output is likely to reach its record in July. Supply from OPEC has risen to 33.41mb/d in July.

ISIS Establishes Micro-Refineries in Iraqi Oil Fields

Satellite images show that the Islamic State (IS) has dug hundreds of pits in Mosul oilfields to store and refine crude oil after its refineries and oil tankers were destroyed.

Libya Captures Key Port from ISIS

Libyan forces fighting ISIS claim to have taken the port of Sirte as troops battle to drive militant out of their biggest stronghold outside Syria and Iraq.

Iraq Is Pumping More Oil Than Ever Before

OPEC's second-largest producer, Iraq, increased daily oil production to an all-time high of 4.5mb/d, according to estimates by the research firm, JBC Energy.

Iraqi Troops Retake Two Gas Refinery Towns From ISIS

Iraqi troops liberated a gas refinery in the southern part of the strategically important city of Fallujah from Daesh militants, and also recaptured from Daesh's hands key parts of the northern refinery town of Beiji.

Libyan Guards Captures a Town Near Oil Ports

Libya’s Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG), a force that controls oil terminals in eastern Libya, captured a town near the country’s biggest oil port of Es Sider after clashes with militants from the so called Islamic ...

ISIS Launches Assault on Natural Gas Plant in Baghdad

ISIS Militant launch assault on natural gas plant in northern Baghdad, killing at least 11 people and wounding more than a doze,

ISIS Yearly Oil Revenue Halved

The Islamic state's oil revenue has been cut down in half to about $250m per year as a result to air strikes, drop in oil price, and counter-smuggling efforts by neighboring countries.

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