International Women’s Day at GUPCO

International Women’s Day at GUPCO

8th March 2015

BP is one of the main sponsors of the International Women’s Day held in the beginning of March. As such, it was proposed that GUPCO host an event to recognize and celebrate the contributions women have made to the oil and gas industry in Egypt. It was also held to try and inspire women currently working in GUPCO and our shareholder offices. GUPCO has a proud history of hiring, training, and developing all of their staff—including many of the women who now hold senior positions in government organizations.

On March eighth, GUPCO, with excellent representation from the EGPC, and BP, began the event with a warm welcome from Fadia Fathy, GUPCO Women’s Secretary and Labor Syndicate Vice President, followed by an overview of International Women’s Day, where Ms. Somaya Ashour stated, “This year’s theme is about women empowerment, empowerment to lead humanity and open opportunities in all fields. It is an invitation from the world to women to strongly and effectively participate in politics, economics, social affairs, legislation, etc.”

Ashour continued, “Women accept the world invitation and emphasis that we are capable of driving events and achieving goals. We want our message to the world and to ourselves to be that we are capable and we accept the invitation, we will make it happen.”

GUPCO management welcomed the guests and the audience, and then initiated a panel discussion where the four speakers shared their valuable experience and stories about career progression and how diversity in their work teams has led to better decisions and a better business. The speakers included: Lucy Amin (a former GUPCO employee), Inas Hosni (a former GUPCO employee), Safaa Marie (an EGPC employee), and Iman Orfy, (currently at the Ministry of Petroleum and also a former GUPCO employee).

Thanaa Ashry, the Administration General Manager, confirmed that this event is only the start and that GUPCO is looking forward to organizing this event every year with management ensuring the empowerment of women.


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