Siemens Completes 20 Electricity Generating Units

Siemens Completes 20 Electricity Generating Units

Siemens is preparing to complete implementing the eighth electricity generating unit in Beni Suef plant and add it to the national grid within days to boost the finalized units to 20 units across three electricity generating plants, Burullus, New Administrative Capital, and Beni Suef power plants, Al Mal News reported.

The German Company will start operations at the seventh unit at Burullus plant within days, with a capacity of 400 MW, said Sabah Mashaly, the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy’s First Undersecretary for Political Communication.

Siemens will be adding total of 8,000 MW to the Egyptian grid, divided into 3,200 MW from 10 units at Beni Suef plant, 2,800 MW from seven units at Burullus plant, and 2,000 MW from four units in New Administrative Capital plant, Mashaly pointed out.

Eight companies and coalitions had proposed their offers in January for a governmental tender on operation and maintenance of Siemens power stations in Beni Suef, the New Cairo Capital, and Burullus, El-Borsa reported.

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