Morocco’s government officials announced country’s progress on its way to expand the renewable sector, as already 35% of its energy mix currently comes from green resources. The north African nation aims to reach a goal of 42% of power generation mix from renewables within the next few years, Forbes reported.

According to General Manager of the National Power Utility ONEE, Ali Fassi Fihri, Morocco is on track to achieve a 43% renewable share by 2020, when wind, solar, and hydro projects, currently under construction, will be added to the national grid. If this is achieved, the country will be ahead of regional neighbors in alternative energy contributions. Further, the country intends to reach a 52% share by 2030, putting it ahead of many European countries. This progress will depend on sustained investment interest from abroad and active support from the government – both of which the country currently enjoys, according to Forbes’ analysis.

In addition, Morocco plans to add about 10,100 MW of renewable power capacity between 2016 and 2030, out of which 4,560 MW will come from solar, 4,200 MW from wind, and 1,330 MW from hydro power resources, SeeNewsRenewables informed. If Morocco is successful, in 2030, wind and solar will each represent 20% of the power generation mix and hydro power will contribute about 12%.

In contrast to other countries in the Arab world, clean power currently accounts for only 0.7% of the electricity generation capacity, with a goal of reaching 5% by 2020, according to data presented by Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation – Kahramaa at the fifth general conference of the Arab Union of Electricity recently held in Marrakech.