Oil, Gas Sector Officials Discuss Carbon Reduction Strategy at Al Ahram Energy Conference

Oil, Gas Sector Officials Discuss Carbon Reduction Strategy at Al Ahram Energy Conference
Credit: Wintershall Dea/Tristan Vankann

Participants in the third session of the Seventh Al-Ahram Energy Conference reviewed the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources’ vision and the petroleum sector’s work plan and activities towards enhancing carbon reduction efforts and energy transformation as priority areas to support Egyptian and global efforts towards confronting the phenomenon of climate change.

The participants in the session moderated by Ahmed Osama, Strategy and Technical Affairs Unit Head at the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources (MoPMR), discussed the Ministry’s strategies and axes for carbon reduction and energy transformation, and the successes achieved in implementation and continuing to build on the outcomes of the Ministry’s participation in the COP27.

The session further discussed the petroleum sector’s ongoing and planned carbon reduction projects, in addition to the Petrochemical Holding Company’s projects in the field of hydrogen and its derivatives and green petrochemical projects.

Osama confirmed that this year’s edition of the Al-Ahram Conference is an important opportunity to review the most important developments in the energy sector, whether oil or electricity, as well as reviewing the visions and efforts of the Ministry of Petroleum and the efforts of companies operating in the market.

The energy industry is a global industry and is witnessing rapid developments, and these developments are certainly reflected in the Egyptian market, so it is important that we have a clear and comprehensive vision to confront such challenges, Osama noted.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Khalifa, Undersecretary of MoPMR for Projects, confirmed that gas is the most important source of energy, noting that starting in 2020, the Egyptian state’s consumption of gas exceeded three times its consumption of gas, pointing out that it had begun to rely primarily on gas.

Ibrahim Mekki, President of the Egyptian Petrochemical Holding Company (ECHEM), emphasized that the petrochemical industry is one of the basic pillars of supporting the national economy, so the company developed a national plan for petrochemic

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