Nile Petroleum Company aims to operate 17 new fuel station during 2020, in addition to establishing joint stations with the companies which convert vehicles to run on natural gas, and supplying two airplane units, which are the first of their kinds in Egypt, according to the company’s chairman Nasser Shoman, a press release.

He added that the company will obtain the approval from the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority to be a training center for  providing technical services for the airplanes in the South Nile region’s airports. Furthermore, the company is also implementing a plan to develop and modernize oil and chemical manufacturing and production activities of the highest quality standards.

Shoman elaborated that the company is marketing and distributing petroleum products through 68 stations, especially after stations of Gahdam in Assiut and Elqarna in Luxor were opened. He noted that the company owns 27 tank cars with different capacities to secure transporting the petroleum products.

He mentioned that the company achieved increase in the foreign currency earnings from its activity in supplying fuel to ships as well as airplanes.

This came during the general meeting assembly meeting of the company which was headed by the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Tarek El Molla, and attended by number of senior officials in the petroleum sector.

For his part, El Molla confirmed the importance of implementing programs for updating the petroleum activities in Upper Egypt and securing the needs of petroleum products as well as improving the efficiency of the fuel transportation system and expanding the specialized activities like supplying ships and airplanes.