Khalda concludes several drilling operations

Khalda Petroleum Company has been on busy drilling schedule during last month as three new wells, one development and two exploratory ones, were drilled in the context of the company’s plan for the fiscal year of 2011/2012.

Khalda completed the drilling of AG-87 development well to a total depth of 11,000 feet, through the EDC-3 rig. The cost of drilling this oil producing well is estimated at $1.843 million.

As for the exploratory wells, the 50-50 joint venture between the EGPC and Apache drilled the NEITH N-1X and WKAN-B-2X with total cost of $3.164 million and $1.469 million respectively.

The NEITH N-1X was drilled by the EDC-50 rig, to 14,700 feet depth. This oil producing well has not been put on production line yet.

The second exploratory well was drilled to a total depth of 12,300 feet, by the EDC-8 rig. The average monthly production of Khalda counts for 4,653,414 barrels. The company succeeded to nearly double its daily output of crude oil and condensate from 80 thousand barrels per day to 152 thousand barrels.


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