Islamic State in Libya has destroyed oil storage tanks at Ras Lanuf port and threatens to attack other oil ports in the country mentioning Brega, Tobruk, Es Serir, Jallo, and Al-Kufra, The North Africa Post reported.

Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) stated that areas around the Ras Lanuf terminal are dealing with an ‘environmental catastrophe’ due to the extensive damage, which is still to be determined fully. The restoration of services will take a long time, said NOC’s Chairman, Mustafa Sanalla. An energy official allied with Libya’s eastern-based government said a pipeline leading from the Amal oil field to the Es Sider terminal had also been targeted and clashes between militants and Petroleum Facilities Guards continued, informed Business Insider.

Libya’s oil output has dropped to 400,000b/d over the violent turmoil in the country, down from the pre-2011 figures of around 1.6mb/d.