Libya’s National Oil Company (NOC) plans to develop the North Hamada oilfield, as a technical team held a workshop on May 20 to discuss the offered suggestions for the oilfield development, according to a company statement.

The team discussed the use of early production facilities, the most suitable ways to deal with associated produced gas, in addition to the field’s complicated geological production challenges and the essential technical solutions.

The oilfield is operated by Nafusa Oil Operations and is located in concession 47 of the Ghadames basin in the Northwest of Libya.

The workshop was attended by board members, Abulgasem Shengher and Elamari M. Elamari; along with the Manager of the Reserves Development Department, Noureddine Shoukman; the Manager of the Maintenance and Projects Department, Najmi Karim; and a number of specialists from other departments.

Moreover, the Chairman of Nafusa’s Management Committee, Mohamed Jamal El Din; Board Member Ilyas El Azabie; in addition to a number of directors and engineers from both the Geology and Reservoir departments attended the workshop.