Iran Signs 1,250 MW with Germans for Post-Sanction Electricity Demands

Iran Signs 1,250 MW with Germans for Post-Sanction Electricity Demands

Iran’s Ministry of Energy signed an agreement with a German company to build 1,250 megawatts of solar energy projects, reported Press TV, citing the head of the Tehran electricity distribution company, Ali Barband.

Barband, however, did not name the foreign firm, saying instead that the Germans will build several solar farms in Tehran, Tabriz and Isfahan as Iran embraces clean energy.

Tehran is to enjoy 500 megawatts of solar projects, with 150 MW going to Kahrizak, 200 MW in Varamin and 150 MW in Malard, he said, adding that 750 MW will be installed in central Isfahan and northwestern Tabriz.

“It was decided that the issue of land acquisition for construction of the plants is determined soon, after which a 20-year agreement for guaranteed purchase of power will be signed with the Germans,” Barband said.

According to Mehr News Barband insisted that “All the funding for the construction of the new solar power plant will be carried out by the German company”.

He added that “construction of the first solar power plant will begin in early 2016 and the first plant will become operational in May, 2016 in accordance with the defined schedule.”

The official also revealed that there negotiations with Chinese financers to build factories for making solar panels alongside talks “with a large number of Asian and European investors to build power plants with wind and solar energies at priority in Tehran province.”

He explained that “the envisaged plan is to increase power generation capacity during the post-sanction era by various means including foreign direct investment, construction of new solar, wind and incinerator plants as well as building small-scale plants with distributed generation”, all to meet expecting rising electricity consumption in Tehran’s industrial zones and factories in future.


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