Halliburton Holds Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar

Halliburton Holds Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar

Halliburton had held its annual Breast Cancer Awareness event entitled “Early Detection Awareness Seminar” on October 21 at the company’s premises in Al Katameya, in cooperation with Halliburton’s Women Sharing Excellence (WSE) and Baheya Foundation for Early Detection and Treatment of Breast Cancer.

Colby Fuser, Halliburton’s Vice President at Egypt and Libya, began the session emphasizing the importance of health, safety and environment (HSE) especially during the current time of COVID -19 outbreak. He elaborated that the company has always prioritized safety, but after the spread of coronavirus, Halliburton started to give more attention on the health of its employees as well.

“Halliburton’s relentless focus on HSE is even more important in the month of October where we focus on the health of our women employees and their families and promotion of early detection and awareness for breast cancer,” Fuser added.

For his part, Hatem Bashandy, QHSE Area Manager at Halliburton, introduced a presentation about the safety precautions and measurements that the company applied towards their employees while working from home in order to keep them safe.

Regarding awareness, Marwa Mourad, Public Relations Manager at Baheya Charity, spoke about the history of Baheya Foundation’s establishment and their policy of operation. She discussed Baheya’s achievements in detecting breast cancer and how they have been curing an increasing number of patients since its opening. “I am proud to say that we served about 135,000 patients.” Mourad ended her speech noting that they are establishing another bigger branch in Al Sheikh Zayed to be able to receive more patients.

Additionally, Nouf Mahmoud, Surgery Breast Cancer at Baheya, shed light on more information about the symptoms for detecting breast cancer early. “Early detection is very important in recure,” she noted. Mahmoud elaborated on the factors that may cause breast cancer and how they can be treated. At the end of the session, she presented several recommendations to the attendees in order to be more aware of this dreaded disease.




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