Halliburton’s Unconventional Reservoir Workshop: An Unconventional Learning Experience to Boost Hydrocarbon Production in Egypt

Halliburton’s Unconventional Reservoir Workshop: An Unconventional Learning Experience to Boost Hydrocarbon Production in Egypt

Both interactive and educational, Halliburton’s Unconventional Reservoir Workshop, which kicked off at the JW Marriott, offered Egypt’s energy industry professionals interesting insights into exploring the potential of the nation’s unconventional reservoirs, a key asset that can boost the country’s production.

This was clearly outlined in a written statement by the company’s North Africa Vice President Ahmed Helmy who said, “Egypt’s unconventional reservoirs present unique and formidable challenges, necessitating specialized extraction techniques. These reservoirs, which encompass ultra-tight formations, exhibit intricate geology, high heterogeneity, and low permeability, rendering their development considerably more complex than their conventional counterparts. Nonetheless, Egypt’s unconventional reservoirs hold immense untapped potential. Collaborative efforts and innovative technologies are essential to fully harness this potential.”

During his opening speech for the event, Halliburton’s Senior  Egypt Country Manager Amr Azzam concurred saying, “As we gather here, it’s essential to emphasize that His Excellency Eng. Tarek El Molla, the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, is actively seeking opportunities to increase production. This event comes within the framework of supporting his vision and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Egypt’s energy sector.”

This event witnessed the presence of Egypt’s oil and gas company leaders as well as top officials from the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, including Alaa Hagar, Undersecretary of the Ministry’s Technical Office.

Among the attendees, Mohsen Abdelfattah, Cairo University’s professor of petroleum geology, expressed his delight with the event saying, “This workshop is very important because it tackles unconventional reservoirs. The whole world is paying attention to these reservoirs, especially the United States. In 2019, around 60% of US hydrocarbon production came from unconventional reservoirs and this was what made the US rank as the top producer, surpassing Saudi Arabia. We are trying to learn about the new technologies and methodologies that can be applied in Egypt.”

There were several interesting talks that were delivered by some of Halliburton’s most reputable speakers, including Abdelaziz Fadel, Halliburton QHSE Manager for Egypt and Libya, who focused on the company’s risk assessment procedures and approaches; Karen Orvos-Toth, Geological Advisor at Halliburton Consulting, who presented “Halliburton’s Technical Consulting Services”; Halliburton’s Chief Geoscientist Robert Gales whose presentation was titled “Unconventional Resources: ‘It’s Just Another Well?”; Abraham (Avrami) Grader, Halliburton’s Global Advisor in Wireline and Perforating for Geoscience and Production, who delivered a talk about “Pores to Reservoirs: ‘Seeing is Believing'”; and Ron Dusterhoft, Halliburton’s Technology Fellow for Production Enhancement, who discussed “Unconventional Asset Integration of Drilling and Completion”.

The event also witnessed an interactive and engaging session about a case study towards the end.




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