GUPCO Re-establishes Ruined Platform in Hilal field

GUPCO Re-establishes Ruined Platform in Hilal field

Gupco successfully completed the manufacture and installation of a new marine platform in the Hilal offshore field, reported Egypt Oil and Gas.

This was after the initial platform had been seriously damaged in 1994 thanks to the collision of a cargo ship. Production suffered due to industrial safety and environmental protection considerations.

Gupco also completed drilling two new wells, Hillal B1 & B2, after initial electrical measurements confirmed the presence of hydrocarbons. The first well had already been brought online for production in March 2015, at a rate of around a 1000 b/d of oil. Reserves are estimated at 3.2 million barrels. Preparations are being made for the second well with a 1,000 b/d production rate. Preliminary estimates are affixed at 2 million barrels of oil.

Work is underway to drill two other wells with a total expected production of 2000 b/d.


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