The Egyptian Petroleum Services Company (EPSCO) has obtained a new contract for supplying and installing ten caravans for International Petroleum Company and two others for El Wastani Petroleum Company with investments worth more than EGP 4 million, according to Al Borsanews.

The Chairman of EPSCO, Mohamed Moustafa, said that his company is keen on the quality and accuracy while executing these caravans in order to build on the company’s achievements, which goes back to its leadership and employees.

Meanwhile, EPSCO has announced its registration in the Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building Contractors to obtain the federation’s seventh category card for integrated operations, Al Ahram gate reported.

The registration came due to broaden the company’s activities to include general contracting and enable it to work officially.

Moustafa commented saying that the benefits of this card give EPSCO the right and priority to work with governmental and private agencies in this field and import any equipment by half of its price.