Energy Egypt Discusses Advantages of Spoolable Composite Pipeline

Energy Egypt Discusses Advantages of Spoolable Composite Pipeline

Energy Egypt held its first online webinar on September 24 to discuss the latest updates on the prevalent debate between Spoolable Composite Pipeline (SCP) and Steel. The Webinar, titled “The Economical Benefits of Spoolable Composite Pipeline vs Steel”, was organized by Energy Egypt and Shawcor, giving industry experts’ insight into this ongoing debate. 

The webinar was moderated by Aidan McKay, General Manager of Energy Egypt. The esteemed speakers at the webinar were Amr Tawfiq, Maintenance General Manager at Petradora & West Bakr; Marco Arams, International Field Operations Manager at Shawcor Composite Solution; Khaled Marmour, Shawcor’s Regional Sales Manager; and Jonathan Gibson, VP for Business Development.

The application of these pipes can be found at oilfields and are used for: oil and gas gathering lines, water injection, and wastewater. Due to the inert layer of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the SCPs can handle all types of materials.

The webinar provided an insight into the undeniable benefits of spoolable composite pipelines and how this technology enhances performance and improves cost-efficiency.

Tawfiq elaborated on Shawcor’s SCP project in West Bakr, in the Eastern Desert. Following a full failure analysis on corroded bare carbon steel, it was found that corrosion potential was high due to high levels of water exposure. As a result, the decision was taken to modernize and install new SCP flowlines.

Marmour said, “Shawcor’s  SCP is a very good solution for complete avoidance of corrosion and its impact on carbon steel pipes. It is cost-efficient for installation, with less equipment needed and less manpower needed, no requirement for corrosion inhibitors, and can be re-used under certain conditions.” He added that Shawcor “has a background with major national oil companies (NOCs), providing existing installation in Egypt with West Bakr, as well as being a trained and equipped installer in Egypt with local support from Energy Egypt and global support through Shawcor.”


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