Egyptian Linear Alkyl Benzene’s (ELAB) Chairman and CEO, Hany Marwan, said that in 2015 the production plan for linear alkyl benzene (LAB), the raw material used in the production of detergents, was achieved with a 19.5% increase and that production has reached 119,500 tons, according to a press release that Egypt Oil & Gas received.

Marwan added that the company has been able to sell its entire production, in addition to three thousand tons left over from 2014, in domestic and international markets. The company’s production of the by-product HAB has reached 6,500 tons with a 43% increase; the number of local customers has reached 118, and the total volume of domestic sales of LAB has reached 30,000 tons.

He also said that the company has exported 92,500 tons of its production worth $111m and 7.5 thousand tons of HAB worth $6.5m. This brings the company’s total exports since its establishment in 2008 until the end of 2015 to 572,000 tons to 33 countries worth $874m.

These statements were made during ELAB’s General Assembly meeting.