East Africa’s demand for oil, gas, and petrol is expected to increase by 8%, while liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) reaches double digits growth, amid regional attempts to expand home-based energy production, The National reported.

The East African Community (EAC) represents a large energy investment potential. Areas around Mozambique and Tanzania contain more than 80 % of the regional gas reserves. Tanzania aspires to become a natural gas exporter by 2025 with its 55tcf of LNG reserves. In Kenya, some 600m barrels of oil reserves were identified in its South Lokichar basin. The EAC also plans to invest $1.5b for a construction of almost 1,500km long regional and domestic pipelines infrastructure over the upcoming few years.

According to a recent analysis published by Frost & Sullivan (F&S), East African countries – Mozambique, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Kenya – have a potential to generate some 50,000MW of energy by 2030 produced by hydro, coal, wind and natural gas-based systems replacing the traditional biomass-dependent infrastructure, World Oil wrote.