Saudi Aramco and King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) have signed a framework agreement supporting a new Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences college program.

Aramco’s EXPEC ARC (Advanced Research Center) and KFUPM have been collaborating to develop the program which will consolidate the existing departments of Petroleum Engineering, Earth Sciences, and the Research Institute Center of Petroleum and Minerals at KFUPM into one unified college.

They aim to deliver a world-class educational and research program that strengthens the connection between theuniversity and the petroleum industry.

The new program is designed to take students beyond a university level education in petroleum engineering and geosciences toward a new educational model that brings them closer to the industry. It will address business and technical solutions for the oil and gas industry, nationally and globally, in a collaborative and cross-disciplinary manner.

Both partners hope the college will emerge as one of the top five worldwide in petroleum engineering and geosciences within five to 10 years.

It will eventually employ around 90 faculty members, research scientists and engineers, with a student intake of around 400, of which 240 will be graduates.

Source: Offshore Mag