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Aramco Expected to Provide Complete Oil Volumes to Some Asian Refiners in July

Despite Saudi Arabia’s announcement of cutting oil output from 10 million barrels per day (bbl/d) to 9 million bbl/d in July, Aramco said it will send full nominated volumes of crude oil to number of North Asian c ...

Saudi Arabia Maintains Crude Supply to Asian Refiners Despite OPEC+ Cuts

Despite OPEC+’s surprising announcement last weak about extra production cut of 1.16 million barrels per day from May for the rest of the year, Saudi Aramco will maintain the same crude volumes supply to several N ...

Saudi Aramco to Continue Full Oil Supplies to Asia in November Despite OPEC+ Cuts

Several people with knowledge of the situation said on Monday that Saudi Aramco has informed at least seven customers in Asia that they will get full contract volumes of crude oil in November before the peak winte ...

Saudi Arabia May Slash October Crude Prices for Asia

Due to weak demand in the region and rising arbitrage shipments, the world's top oil exporter Saudi Arabia may lower October prices for the majority of crude grades it delivers to Asia.

Saudi Aramco Reduces Arab Light Oil Prices to Europe, Asia in June

According to Saudi Aramco's pricing document published on Sunday, the country has reduced the price of its Arab Light crude grade to Asia and Europe.

Russian Sokol Crude Attracts Buyers in the Far East Despite Sanctions

Despite Russia's war in Ukraine and the addition of new sanctions, Sokol crude shipments from the Far East have sold out for next month, proving that the pariah nation continues to find buyers.

Since Resumption in Feb, Damietta LNG Plant Ships First Cargo to Europe

Egypt’s Damietta liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant delivered first cargo to Belgium import terminal at Zeebrugge on March 21, 2021. It is the first cargo to be sent to Europe from Damietta since it resumed operati ...

Asian Gas Oil Demand to Grow in 2021

The Asian gas oil demand is expected to grow in 2021 driven from expectations of increase in the consumption especially during the second half of the year.

Brazil Achieves Record Crude Oil Exports to Asia

Brazil has increased crude exports to Asia in the first half of the year as many oil-producing nations cut production to match record low demand.

Aramco Cuts Arab Light Septrmber Prices for Asian Markets

Saudi Aramco announced that the price of the Arab Light crude to Asian customers has been decreased by $0.75 per barrel for September delivery.

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