Saudi Aramco announced that the price of the Arab Light crude to Asian customers has been decreased by $0.75 per barrel for September delivery, compared with a premium of $1.70 per barrel to the Oman/Dubai crude average price, Reuters reported.

Moreover, the Saudi company raised its September Arab Light crude official selling price (OSP) for Northwest Europe at a discount of $0.05 a barrel to ICE Brent, increasing by $2.65 compared with August.

On the other hand, the Arab Light OSP to the US remained unchanged from the previous month, after it was set at a premium of $2.85 a barrel to the Argus Sour Crude Index (ASCI) for September.

Last month, Saudi Arabia’s oil exports to the US dropped to 161,000 b/d compared with 1.03 million b/d a year earlier, while crude oil exports to China soared to a record 1.74 million b/d.