Argentina to Receive LNG Cargoes from Egypt

Egypt, which is one of Argentina's 23 listed producers and traders, is set to ship two rare cargoes of LNG, the first since 2013, reflecting how a tight global market is influencing supply routes.

Qatar Petroleum Wins Exploration Rights in Argentina

The company won the exploration rights as part of two consortia.

Qatar Petroleum Buys Stake in Argentina Shale Reserve

State-owned Qatar Petroleum has acquired a 30% equity stake in the Vaca Muerta shale basin in Argentina after an agreement with ExxonMobil.

Angola, Nigeria Shipped Crude to Argentina

Two tankers carrying 3m barrels of Nigerian and Angolan crudes set sail in November to Argentina to feed its domestic refining network, pushing the country's imports close to 2015's level.

Argentina Projects $500m Shale Oil Investment

Argentina's new President, Mauricio Macri, has announced a $500m shale oil investment in his attempts to revive a stagnant economy after 12 years of populist economic policies.

Argentina to Cut Energy Subsidies, Lure Investors

Argentina's newly appointed Energy Minister, Juan Jose Aranguren, has announced his ambition to boost investors' confidence in the country through enhancement of business conditions.

Argentina Needs $1bn to Explore Vaca Muerta’s Shale Gas Reserves

More than US$1 billion will have to be invested over the next 20 years to exploit the shale gas of the Vaca Muerta area in Neuquén, which will be used to build between 4,300 and 8,000 kilometres of pipelines and will ...

Argentina’s Plan to Seize Assets of Falklands Oil Drillers Criticised by the UK

Britain on Monday accused Argentina of a politically motivated and illegal attack on the nascent oil industry around the disputed Falkland Islands, after Buenos Aires said it would seek to seize the assets of driller ...

Argentine Judge Orders Embargo on Companies Exploring Falklands Oil

An Argentine federal judge has ordered an embargo on some $156 million owned by companies exploring for oil off the Falklands Islands, over which Argentina claims sovereignty. She also has ordered them to stop their ...

Argentina’s YPF to Ask for Russian Help in Exploiting Country’s Shale

YPF and Russia's powerful Gazprom International are expected to conclude a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) during Galuccio’s visit to Moscow.

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