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Rosneft Launches Natural Gas Project in Arctic

Russian Rosneft Company has launched of the Rospan International natural gas project in the Yamal region of the Arctic, NeftgazRU reported.

Saudi Arabia to Participate in Russia’s Arctic LNG project

Saudi Arabia will explore the possibility of participating in Russia's Arctic LNG project.

Russia Cuts Oil Reserves Estimates 50% to Last Until 2044

Russia will run out of oil by 2044, with production beginning to decline in 2020, according to the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment. According to experts, the volume of proved reserves was cut by 50%, wh ...

Norway to Develop Arctic Gas Reserves, Seeking EU Commitment

Norway, Europe’s second biggest gas supplier after Russia, is planning to develop its northernmost reserves in the Arctic, but hinges on a commitment by the European Union to make the fuel part of its strategy to cut ...

Russia Intensifies Military Presence in Arctic Oil&Gas Territories

Russia is building six new military bases in the disputed Arctic territory with an intention to protect its position in the global competition for the unexplored extensive oil and gas reserves, estimated at 90b barre ...

BG Acquires New Stakes in Newfoundland

British-based BG announced their partial acquisition of three exploration blocks off the coast of Newfoundland, CBC

Shell Quits Arctic, Halts Drilling

In a surprise move, Royal Dutch Shell is abandoning its Arctic drilling plans, reported the BBC.

Obstacles Persist to Arctic Drilling

There are serious obstacles still confronting Arctic drilling, stated ...

Russia Expands Claims of Oil Resources in Arctic

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently stated that his country is laying claim to an additional 1.2m square km of territory in the Arctic, The BBC

Shell Icebreaker Takes on Repairs in US State of Oregon

Environmental activists in Portland are protesting the arrival of the Fennica, a vessel that Royal Dutch Shell PLC plans to use in its Arctic offshore drilling project after it's repaired.

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