Russian President Vladimir Putin recently stated that his country is laying claim to an additional 1.2m square km of territory in the Arctic, The BBC reported.

Russia has been particularly active in the Arctic region as the country searches for more energy resources that could bolster energy rosters.

Mature and declining fields within Russia are a source of concern for the government, and Arctic discoveries would provide a much needed boost. The nation has had exploration deals with several oil majors—including Exxon Mobil—for years, but due to sanctions, many of those deals are now on hold.

The latest claim comes as Russia claims that an underwater ridge called the Lomonosov is part of an existing Russian formation. The Kremlin is increasing troop numbers and military exercises in the Arctic to reinforce its claims.

State-run Rosneft claims that it is developing an Arctic Research and Design Center to better exploit the area. All other countries with Arctic borders reject Russian claims.