The Organization of Oil Producing Countries—OPEC—will hold a technical meeting on October 21st, France 24 reported.

Venezuela’s Minister of Mines and Petroleum—Eulogio del Pino—announced the meeting in a recent press conference. Pino added that he has spoken with his Russian counterpart, and that major non-OPEC nations will also be present at the meeting. No details were given as to what countries will attend or where the meeting will be held.

Venezuela has been publicly pushing OPEC to hold an unscheduled meeting. It recruited member state Algeria to also request a meeting for this past August, but failed to secure enough support for the action, noted AFP.

The government of the South American country is heavily reliant on oil, both for tax revenue and foreign currency. In late September president Nicolas Maduro called for a summit between major oil producers, with an aim to raise prices.