TWMA Wins $15M Deal for bp Project in Egypt

TWMA Wins $15M Deal for bp Project in Egypt

TWMA was awarded a $15 million contract to support an oil and gas large-scale project for bp in Egypt.

According to the contract, TWMA will utilize its award-winning RotoMill drill cuttings processing technology to process all drilling waste generated from bp’s WND & END exploration and development project in the Mediterranean Sea. Expected to last up to five years, work will commence in October this year.

The RotoMill has been chosen for its environmental benefits. It uses a process of thermal desorption to separate drill cuttings and associated materials into their three constituent parts: oil, water and solids, for recycling and reuse. TWMA’s precision equipment establishes optimum temperatures to ensure that recovered base oil retains its full original quality and can be reused in the drilling mud system.

“This contract is a testament to the lasting relationship we have built with bp since we began working with them in 2005. Having proven our capabilities throughout our North African operations, we were chosen as the trusted contractor to support this project based on the quality performance we have consistently delivered,” Abdelrahman Amin, general manager for TWMA Egypt, commented

“The environmental benefits associated with this technology were an important factor in securing this award. bp are always eager to ensure their project’s environmental impact is kept to a minimum. By utilizing the RotoMill on this operation, bp can recover and reuse valuable base oil in their drilling system, delivering both environmental and commercial value to their operation,” Amin noted.

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