South African power firm Eskom has been struggling lately due to problems associated with both its nuclear and coal investments.

According to Reuters, Eskom will pay an estimated 200 m rand ($15.6 m) for the supply of nuclear waste storage casks to keep its Koeberg plant running beyond 2018. South Africa is the most energy demanding country on the continent, and Eskom has been forced to cut off the power on a regular basis to protect the national power grid from collapse.

In another development Eskom said it was not willing to waive R2 b worth of penalties against Glencore’s Optimum mine, under the charge of being supplied with inferior coal, reported the Independent Online.

Eskom chief executive Brian Molefe announced that summonses had already been issued for the mine to settle the amount. Glencore denies strenuously that the coal it supplied was low quality or different from the coal it had supplied to Eskom in the past.

The relationship between the two firms goes back to 1983. Eskom also refuses to renegotiate the cost plus supplier agreement it signed with Glencore in 1983.