Sisi: Nuclear Power to Boost Energy Generation

Sisi: Nuclear Power to Boost Energy Generation
Nuclear power plant with yellow field and big blue clouds

Egypt’s President, Abdel Fattah El Sisi, asserted that nuclear energy plays a vital strategic role for the country in terms of increasing its power generation capacity necessary for accomplishing social and economic development plans, the State Information Service informed in a press release.

Egypt Independent reported that nuclear power will help to preserve other sources of energy like oil and natural gas.
Sisi’s remarks were made during his meeting with Prime Minister, Sherif Ismail, and Minister of Electricity, Mohammad Shaker, organized in a follow-up to Shaker’s visit to Moscow. In Russia, Egypt’s Electricity Minister met with officials from the Russian state-owned Rosatom nuclear energy company to discuss pending issues in the contract of establishing Egypt’s Daaba nuclear plant. Egypt and Russia had earlier signed an agreement to build and operate the first nuclear plant on the country’s north coast. The plant is to include four nuclear units.

According to Shaker, Egypt is reviewing several proposals for linking the country’s power grid with those of other nations, allowing for the sharing and sale of electricity supplies.


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