Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi announced that construction of the country’s nuclear power plant will begin in a few weeks, reported State Information Service.

The announcement was made during the president’s speech to the newly elected parliament. This is the first time Sisi addressed the house of representatives since taking office in ‎June 2014.

“We have attained an unprecedented achievement in the history of Egypt through upgrading the national power network. We managed to overcome the severe dearth of energy and we have signed the contract for setting up Dabaa nuclear power station that will start within the coming few weeks,” asserted the president.

On 19th of November 2015 Egypt and Russia signed an agreement to build a nuclear plant in the city of Dabaa alongside the Mediterranean coast. The plant, expected to be finalized in 2022, will consist of four third-generation reactors for power generation. according to Reuters.

Several Russian teams visited Egypt during the past month to determine the exact location of the project, based on the soil nature, according to the State Information Service.