Sinai Peninsula to Receive First CNG Shipment

Sinai Peninsula to Receive First CNG Shipment

Mohamed Saad El Din, Chairman of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Investors Association and the Energy Committee of the Federation of Industries, stated that the Sinai Peninsula will be the first destination to receive the first compressed natural gas (CNG) shipments by Gas Ton company with a total of 18,000 cubic meters of natural gas, according to General Trade Union for Petroleum Workers.

Saad El Din stated that the idea of ​​transporting gas without pipelines coincides  with the tendency of using natural gas as an alternative fuel for all factories and companies, in addition to increasing the development in Sinai. He also praised the support and guidance of Tarek El Molla, the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, to all economic sectors, in maximizing Egypt’s natural resources and reducing the cost of petroleum products imports.

Saad El Din added that there are four phases for transporting gas without pipelines. The first one is the main station which alleviates gas pressure from the national gas grid to 250 bar and the second phase is represented in transporting natural gas storage containers with a capacity ranging between 4600 – 12800 cubic meters per container. The third stage is to transport gas containers by land according to international standard ADR, which are monitored remotely using the SCADA system. Finally the fourth stage is to reduce the pressure of storage containers from 250 bar to 4 bar according to the requirements of the customer and the used equipment.


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