Sea Dragon Ramps Up Production in Egypt to 1840 Boepd and Reduces Its Aged Receivables to Two Months

Sea Dragon Energy Inc. is pleased to announce the following operational update for its recent work activities in Egypt.

The company’s net production in Egypt averaged 1,526 bopd in the month of January 2013 and has now reached 1,840 boepd (1,720 bopd and 120 boepd in gas and NGL’s). In NW Gemsa, oil production is averaging 9,900 bopd gross (990 bopd net), while gas and NGL’s are adding another 1,200 boepd gross (120 boepd net). In Kom Ombo, production is averaging 500 bopd gross (250 bopd net); while in Shukhier Marine the company is producing 480 bopd.

Over the past two months, Sea Dragon has also been able to collect a significant percentage of its aging receivables thus enabling it to reduce the receivables amount to $4.63MM and the age of its receivables to two months based on current production.

Current production from the Al Amir SE and Geyad fields is approximately 9,900 bopd gross (990 bopd net). Total production, including solution gas and natural gas liquids, is approximately 11,100 boepd gross (1,110 boepd net). The concession has eight current oil producers at Al Amir SE field, two at Al Ola and five at Geyad. Cumulative production from the NW Gemsa Concession has now exceeded 10.6 million barrels of 42 degree API Crude oil.

Water injection is ongoing with three injectors currently operating at Al Amir SE Field and one injector at Geyad Field. Current total injection rates are approximately 17,800 bwpd. Cumulative injection to date is 6.9 million barrels at Al Amir SE and 1.7 million barrels at Geyad.

Al Amir SE-16 Well:
This well is now being completed as a Shagar water injector. The well was spud on February 28, 2013 and successfully drilled to its total depth of 11,000 feet in the Upper Rudeis Formation. It encountered 27 feet of good quality wet sand in the shagar member of the Karim Formation in the interval 10,807.5 to 10,834.5 feet. This well will add another water injection point in the field, which will improve sweep efficiency and maximize oil recovery.

Future Plans:
Beyond the completion of Al Amir SE-16, future plans at NW Gemsa include the drilling of two additional water injectors, one producer and one exploration well in 2013.

The NW Gemsa concession is located onshore on the west side of the Gulf of Suez, approximately 300 km southeast of Cairo. Two main oil fields are producing light oil, the Al Amir SE field along with the Al Ola extension to the south and the Geyad field to the north. Sea Dragon has a 10% working interest in the NW Gemsa Concession with Vegas oil and gas at 50%, as operator and Circle Oil PLC with 40%.

The Shukheir Marine Concession contains both the Shukheir Bay and Gamma development leases.
Current production from the concession is 480 bopd. Sea Dragon is the sole owner and operator of the concession.

Shukheir Bay #5 Well Work-over:
Following the successful completion of work-over operations on this well, it has now recovered its kill fluid and restored its pre work-over production of 380 bopd. The SHB-5 well produces from the Upper and Lower Rudeis sands within the Shukheir Bay field. The well began production in 2006 and has produced over 1.1 MMbbl of oil to date.

Future Plans:
The company continues to plan an acid stimulation treatment in the Gamma #1 well which may add 100 bopd.

Exploratory drilling opportunities also exist in the Gamma lease, prospecting the prolific Nubia Formation and in the Shukheir Bay lease in the Upper and Lower Rudeis Formations. The Company is currently re-mapping its 3-D seismic coverage in the area to evaluate these opportunities.

The Shukheir Marine Concession is located in the shallow offshore waters of the Gulf of Suez approximately 300 km southeast of Cairo. Following the acquisition of 100% interest in the concession which contains both the Shukheir Bay and Gamma oil fields, Sea Dragon began a comprehensive review of the upside potential believed to still exist in both fields.

Current production from the Al Baraka field is approximately 500 gross (250 net) bopd.

Future Plans:
Plans are to monitor production from West Al Baraka-2 and then if warranted commence an appraisal/development drilling program which could involve the drilling of up to three new wells.

The Kom Ombo Concession is located onshore in the southern part of Egypt some 1,000 km south of Cairo. It contains the Al Baraka and the newly discovered W. Al Baraka oilfields, producing light oil from multiple reservoirs. Sea Dragon owns a 50% working interest and is a joint operator of the Kom Ombo Concession with Dana Gas owning the remaining 50%.

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