Schneider Electric will participate in a 1.5m acre project via investment in running project wells through solar power, said Industrial Sector Head, Mohamed Shaheen, according to Almal News. The first phase of the 1.5m acre project will take place on 500 thousand acres across 6 governorates. An adviser to the Minister of Irrigation, Maghawry Shehata, had previously told the paper that “150 underground wells are scheduled to be drilled in Farafra, on a 50 thousand acres area,” adding that the Ministry has completed the drilling of 40 wells, and the investor will dig 110 wells.

Schneider’s Shaheen said that the company will contribute to such solar-powered wells tenders and is considering an expanded role in these projects, seeking to take part in Suez Canal projects. He also noted that the Egyptian market is massive and has the potential to absorb more investments, especially in energy field.