Saudi Arabia’s national petroleum company Saudi Aramco has announced the completion of the largest offshore tie-in platform ever built in the country, according to Energy Digital.

The construction of the Marham TP-9 Deck is part of Saudi Aramco’s Offshore Maintain Potential Program, which covers the fabrication and installation of four oil-producing platforms and their associated cables and pipelines.

The platform was fabricated at Dammam Port by the Saipem Taqa Al-Rushaid Fabricators Company Limited (STAR) and is the product of a joint venture between Saudi Enterprises and Saipem.

According to Offshore Post, Aramco’s Senior VP of Technical Services, Ahmed A. Al-Saadi, said that “the completion of the massive 3,500 tons structure represents a major milestone for Saudi Aramco’s strategy to develop its offshore oil resources and to sustain the in-Kingdom manufacturing capabilities.”

Though oil prices remain depressed, Saudi Aramco has indicated that its drilling and IPO plans will remain unaffected.