A Russian air strike destroyed an alleged ISIS oil convoy in the northern outskirts of the Aleppo province in Syria, The Independent reported.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin had earlier accused Turkey of illegal oil purchasing from ISIS, showing  satellite images and videos purporting Turkish tanker trucks smuggling oil from the ISIS-controlled areas to Turkey.

Russia’s Defense Ministry objected to Washington’s reluctance to acknowledge the Turkey-ISIS oil trade, according to Russia Today, despite the fact that the US State Department and Pentagon had both confirmed authenticity of Russian satellite images.

Moscow suggested that the US and its allies were to refer to the footage provided by their own drones hovering above the Turkish-Syrian border, the number of which has tripled, if they mistrust the Russian evidence. The coalition’s drones and warplanes are operating from the Turkish Incirlik Air Base.

Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan responded with accusations that Russia itself was involved in illegal oil deals with ISIS.