Power Plants Cut Natural Gas Consumption by 900 mscf/d

Power Plants Cut Natural Gas Consumption by 900 mscf/d

Egypt’s power plants have decreased their consumption of natural gas by 900 million standard cubic feet per day (mscf/d) with the approach of cooler winter temperatures, Amwal Al Ghad reports.

Consumption has decreased by around 22% and is now ranging between 3.1 billion cubic feet per day (bcf/d) and 3.2 bcf/d, officials at the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) told Amwal Al Ghad.

During the peak summer months, power plants were consuming between 4 bcf/d to 4.1 bcf/d.

Power plants are the largest consumers of natural gas in Egypt, using the lion’s share of the estimated 5.4 bcf/d of natural gas that the country produces according to the officials.

Earlier this month, an official at EGAS told Amwal Al Ghad that Egypt’s consumption of natural gas had increased to approximately 4.5 million tons per month, a 29.6% year-on-year increase.

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