Nile Petroleum Marketing to Showcase its New Design for Lubricants in October

Nile Petroleum Marketing to Showcase its New Design for Lubricants in October

The Nile Petroleum Marketing Company will provide its distributors with new containers at the beginning of next October containing the advanced oils it produces to serve the engines with a distinguished brand that enjoys aesthetic appearance and ease of use.

This comes in line with the strategy of developing and modernizing the petroleum sector, which attaches great importance to ensuring that oils and chemical products that serve citizens are in accordance with international standards. This is to provide distinguished services to the Egyptian market for oils and chemicals, which enjoys the presence of international and local brands that provide various products and services for millions of cars, equipment, machinery, and various vehicles.

Hence, there is strong competition to serve the consumer that requires modern performance, flexibility, and the ability to compete in this market with a large consumer density.

Ahmed Eid, the company’s chairman, explained that his company implements the ministry‘s policies to achieve continuous rapprochement with customers and listen to their proposals and future vision to increase cooperation and coordination with the company to market its various products of oils and so on. 

These efforts, by providing new packaging, took into account the focus on protecting its products from commercial fraud through its own brand, which is the spiral rose, which was placed under the cover of the packaging, Eid highlighted.

The packages were designed with clarity in the specifications of the product packed with it and the engines it serves, which provides excellent services to customers and distributors of oil consumers that achieve the required elements of the equation, which is providing oils with international specifications inside attractive packages that give better performance and longer life for the engines, Eid added.

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