Nigeria’s state-run NNPC has started work on a plan to utilize drones to reduce oil theft, reported Bloomberg.

“We are looking at the current logistical nightmares of changing staffing at the loading bay of crude oil export terminals virtually every 90 days,” said Managing Director of the NNPC, Ibe Kachikwu.

“We are launching an armada of approaches which will include incorporation of drones to check movements of vessels within our territorial waters,” he continued.

The company has recorded nearly 4,000 attacks on staff and oil facilities over the past year as thieves have attempted to steal oil products. At least 350 NNPC staff, police forces, and local citizens have been killed in related incidents, Al Jazeera noted.

The NNPC is hoping to halt the theft within 8 months, with Kachikwu stating so publicly.

Nigeria is facing a massive budget shortfall this year, as its government relies on oil for 90% of revenues. In the face of low persistently low prices, the NNPC is attempting to curb graft and corruption in the sector.