Nigeria Resumes Paying Former Militants in Niger Delta

Nigeria Resumes Paying Former Militants in Niger Delta

Nigeria’s government has resumed cash payments for former militants in the Niger Delta, in order to end a wave of militant attacks on oil and gas facilities .

Earlier in February 2016, the Nigerian government decided to stop paying former militants who agreed under a 2009 amnesty to discontinue their destructive activities on crude pipelines in exchange for money, reported Reuters.

The source added that the government has been in communication with the militants accused of executing recent attack on Nigeria’s pipelines – in the aftermath of these attacks Nigeria’s crude output was reduced by 700,000b/d.

According to Standardmedia, each of the former militants is entitled to be paid a monthly equivalent of $203.44 and receive job training. Payments of stipends to the ex-militants resumed . The payments are done directly from the CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) to their bank accounts.

Crude sales form approximately 70% of theNigerian  government’s total revenues. Attacks of this sort are a big factor behind forcing Nigeria to undergo a large-scale economic crisis, that was brought on by low international oil prices.


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