Nigeria witnessed an increase in oil production from 1.6mb/d to about 1.9mb/d since any major pipeline attacks in the Niger Delta occurred and repairs on oil facilities were made, according to a state oil company’s statement, reported Reuters.

“Production has increased because we are making repairs to damaged pipelines and installations. And we have not had any major attacks in recent times,” the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) announced.

The Niger Delta Avengers, a militant group in Nigeria, has claimed responsibility for most of the recent attacks on oil and gas installations that had led to the significant oil production decline.

Nigeria, once Africa’s top oil producer, currently ranks second on the continent after being pushed behind Angola when the nation recorded a fall in crude production from 2.2mb/d at the start of the year to 1.6mb/d in early June, according to CNBC.

Meanwhile, NNPC’s spokesman, Garba Deen Muhammad said that Nigeria’s Oil Minister, Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, was seeking to raise around $50b in investments for the nations’s oil industry from China, during his recent visit to Beijing.