The government of Mozambique has announced that all measures has been put in place and the country is ready to switch to low-sulphur diesel starting from June, Ecofin Agency reported.

Currently, the sulphur content of the diesel Mozambique imports is 500ppm. This is to be replaced by diesel with only 50ppm of Sulphur, informed Sweet Crude Reports.

According to the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy’s National Director for Hydrocarbons and Fuel, Moises Paulino, the aim of the change was to lower the level of pollution and improve environmental conditions.

He added that the benefit of switching to low-Sulphur diesel, which is backed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), would not only be felt in terms of a cleaner environment but also in greater efficiency of vehicle engines.

Engine performance improves because 50ppm diesel has cleaner and more effective combustion properties than 500ppm diesel. Also, the low Sulphur diesel causes less wear and tear and therefore prolongs engine life.

Paulino said that the switch will have no impact on the cost of diesel at the fuel pumps.