The ministry of electricity and renewable energy has completed allocating 92 sq. km for alternative energy projects that will be carried out under unified tariff regime, according to an official at the ministry of electricity.

An area of 42 sq. km is allocated for solar power projects to generate 2000 MW, and 50 sq. km are allocated for wind energy projects with total capacity of 500MW, the official explained.

Some 52 memorandum of understandings on allocating the land plots have been signed with firms and local and foreign investors qualified for unified tariff power projects, the official said, adding a 50 MW solar power plant needs an area of 1 sq. km, while a wind power station with a capacity of 50MW needs 5 sq. km.

The official pointed out that the ministry intends to complete signing the memorandum of understandings to allocate the lands by the end of the current year so as to quicken the implementation of such projects.

According to an official at Egypt’s renewable energy agency, the lands allocated for alternative energy projects are provided with utilities, adding no firm that has got lands has paid the fees of being linked with the national grid so far because the alternative energy purchase agreements have not signed with those investors.


Source: Al Mal