Sherif Ismail, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, said in a press release that Sinai Gas had completed the natural gas connection to the city of New Ismailia. He added that this was part of the state’s plan to establish new cities to serve the Suez Canal development project and absorb migrant labor to work in the economic projects planned for when the industrial center is open. He also stressed that the delivery of gas to the city of Ismailia was an example of the new mindset in the government based on the planning of new cities by insuring that all the facilities in a city be connected prior to implementation.

Sinai Gas said in a statement that the project was completed by the end of July, ahead of schedule, and under the supervision of EGAS and in coordination with several other concerned parties. These partners include the Armed Forces, to determine the paths of the grid lines, and the Ministry of Agriculture for the selection and allocation of the most suitable sites for the establishment of gas pressure station, a process that helped reduce costs.

Sherif Ismail had said previously in statements made to the press that his ministry was committed to providing the energy required to run the new factories in the canal and the planned industrial zones. Hence there is a contract with a Norwegian floating LNG vessel that will arrive in September and allocate production to the industrial sector by supplying LNG from Egyptian ports. He added that the ministry can hire more vessels to meet the anticipated needs of the local market and economic development. The government’s target is to increase Egypt’s share of trading and bunkering, and services, which will bring huge returns for the Suez development project, Ismail finished.

Source: Al-Masry Al-Youm