Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s renewable energy company, has completed the delivery of 30 MW clean energy projects and 7,000 solar home systems in remote and strategic areas across Egypt, GDN Online informed.

Masdar’s Special Projects unit will power 25,800 homes and displace 42,700 tons of CO2 annually, as well as advance the development objectives of the Egyptian government, said a statement from the company.

The new projects complement existing diesel-based plants with solar energy, thereby saving costs associated with the purchase and transport of diesel, reducing risk of fuel price increases and supply shortages, and greatly reducing CO2 emissions.

According to Gulf News, Masdar’s CEO, Mohammad Jameel Al Ramahi, said that “these projects demonstrate how renewable energy can help countries meet a broad array of strategic aims — from empowering local communities, to strengthening energy security, to driving economic development.”

Previously, the Emirati firm had formally completed a 14 MW project comprising of four photovoltaic diesel hybrid plants developed in the governorate of the Red Sea. The plant in Marsa Alam is to generate 6MW, Shalateen 5MW, Abu Ramad 2 MW, and Halayeb 1 MW. These are specifically designed to ensure that the area’s tourism sector is supported by efficient and reliable electricity.

In a further addition to Masdar’s recent ventures, the company had also completed three PV-diesel hybrid plants in Al Farafra, Abu Minqar, and Darb Al Arbaeen – all part of Egypt’s least populated govenorate Al Wadi Al Jadeed Govenorate, in December 2015, wrote PV Tech website.