Kuwait Energy Inaugurates the Tamkeny Community Center Phase 2 in Ras Gharib

Kuwait Energy Inaugurates the Tamkeny Community Center Phase 2 in Ras Gharib

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources and in the presence of the Ministry’s officials, Kuwait Energy Egypt inaugurated the Tamkeeny Community Center at Ras Gharib, in partnership with Buttonup social enterprise and in coordination with Nahdet Baladna Foundation launching the second phase of the project, Kuwait Energy Egypt said in a statement.

The center focuses on providing comprehensive training in various handicrafts for women and youth in Ras Gharib aiming to empower local individuals to have the capability to start their small businesses, create employment opportunities, and foster sustainable economic growth within Ras Gharib.

This project came within the framework of the Ministry’s strategy for social responsibility, which aims at achieving sustainability and unifying efforts regarding the contribution of the sector and its partners in performing social activities and projects in order to improve the quality of life for local communities. 

Building upon the remarkable success of the first phase of Tamkeny, the forthcoming center in Ras Gharib will provide opportunities to more than 300 women and youth and will offer an extensive range of courses and tailored to develop skills in sewing, embroidery, product hand-painting, tyer upcycling, and leather craftsmanship. 

Moreover, the community center will provide invaluable mentorship to empower beneficiaries in establishing and managing their own small businesses successfully.

The establishment of the community center will serve as a hub for beneficiaries to learn, exchange ideas, and gain expertise in the textile and leather industries. It also provide a dedicated showroom within the center, providing a platform for the beneficiaries to showcase their products to the public. Additionally, the project will leverage online campaigns, promotions, and selling channels to expand the reach of these unique products and stimulate sales both locally and globally.

On this occasion, Kamel Al Sawi, President of Kuwait Energy Egypt commented, “the Tamkeny project exemplifies our commitment to empowering women and youth, particularly during challenging times.”

“We are delighted to collaborate with Buttonup and the local community to establish this training center. By providing vocational skills and mentorship, we aim to uplift individuals, foster economic growth, and create a sustainable future for Ras Gharib,” Al Sawi added. 


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