El Hamra Oil Company, IPR Develop Schools in El Alamein City

El Hamra Oil Company, IPR Develop Schools in El Alamein City

El Hamra Oil Company and IPR have cooperated with the Orman Association and the Matrouh Governorate in launching a project to develop and raise the efficiency of several schools in El Alamein City.

This comes within the framework of the unified social responsibility strategy of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources (MoPMR), in which efforts are combined between national companies and international companies operating under the umbrella of the petroleum sector to serve and develop the local community and achieve sustainable development goals.

The schools in the project are Al-Hanfish school for elementary education, El Alamein primary school and El Alamein preparatory secondary school.

The development work, for which a study was prepared in cooperation between El Hamra Oil Company and the Orman Association, included raising the efficiency of classrooms, replacing and renovating bathrooms, concrete works, and interior and exterior paints.

The schools were also provided with 35 interactive smart whiteboards and a hologram device in order to improve the educational process. Football fields made of artificial turf were also established and a sports track was prepared at Al-Hanfish and El Alamein schools for basic education.

It is worth noting that social responsibility initiatives are an integral part of the work strategy of the MoPMR, which always keeps in mind the societal dimension alongside the economic dimension within the framework of working to achieve sustainable development goals.

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